December 2008

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// // Heard on NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, which by the way is one of my favorite programs, and had to check it out... Hilarious. Max Planck Institute, one of Germany's top scientific institutions, wanted a picture of Classical Chinese poem in classical script on the cover of their special China-focused edition, so [...]

// // I love California, in general. I love the people there. Liberals. Warm-hearted. Open-minded. Willing to listen to different opinions and considering uncommon alternatives. Thus go the stereotypes. But this is taking the liberal spirit a bit too far. The California Supreme Court has ruled that good Samaritans can be sued for not being [...]

Follow Rachel Maddow on Twitter! Oh, oh, oh, and watch this old clip (from before we all fell in love with her) showing Maddow's commentary on John Bolton, dubbed as the Worst Diplomat, ever. Brilliantly funny!

and I am not gay! I think the crush is the kind that you have for an extremely intelligent and articulate person who you know you will never be able to win a debate against, so you simply capitulate and give her all your admiration, starry eyes and all. So far, I have only seen [...]