January 2009

Many of us heard on TV or radio or read in the newspaper or blogs how the Former Illinois Governor Blagojevich likes to compare himself to all sorts of famous people. "Famous" not "Infamous", that's the operative word here. Anyway, he's compared himself to Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., he's compared his [...]

A friend of mine recently paid more than a month of her salary for a plumber's visit. I commented on her Facebook page, jokingly: Is it Joe the Plumber? This reminds me that, well, Joe is probably not doing house calls any more, since he is supposed to be living off the sales of his [...]

and thousands of others...    No matter.  I feel special and am as happy as a clam. 

The crowd at Inauguration yesterday as seen from space Amazing! This picture (and many others) was taken by GeoEye, the giant eye-in-the-sky satellite imagine system sponsored by Google and the military.

Those who are affected, i.e. those whose salaries are more than 100K a year, are probably not too happy about this, but we are thrilled to hear that the man seeks immediately to rule by example. "All of you are committed to building a more responsible government... Families are tightening their belts and so should [...]

or anybody who may get a bit tired of all the serious and sentimental coverage on the Presidential Inauguration... Here is the Election Coverage from the Onion... "Joe Biden Shows Up To Inauguration With Ponytail": great for macho men on the verge of their tears to immediately change the mood and the topic! With titilating [...]

I am back on! (I do suffer from bi-polar disorder so I was probably in a funk earlier today...) But no matter. Here is the 44th U.S. President, Barack Obama's inaugural speech. It reminded me why I was captivated by this man the first time I heard him speak on TV, and why I believed [...]

Sarah Hepola, thank you! Her humourous, yet sobering, look into the world of Obama-fever merchandising begins thus,"The other day, curious how far the Obama madness had spread, I Googled the words 'Obama sex toy.' God bless America: I was not disappointed..."Go straight to the slide show of some of the choice merchandise being sold if [...]

I am a liberal alright and a staunch Obama supporter. In fact, I am proud of the fact that I "called it" in 2004 before Obama gave that fateful speech at the Democratic Convention that launched him into the national spotlight. (And what's more, he wrote it himself!) I called it even before that: I [...]

I am sure a lot of my liberal friends are going to treat me like a traitor for saying this, but I am glad that the two men, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, will be out of jail in March, without having to serve the 11-year and 12-year sentences that they were given. There are already [...]

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