February 2009

There is NO scary mascots, no company team building events, no overblown space stuffed with TABLES & BARS. Just a good old-fashioned penny (albeit nickel) arcade the way you remember it from your childhood, IF you are old enough. FREE classic games in the back of the room completes this little piece of heaven. Is [...]

Humbleville, Interweb - Local woman awoken from her solipsistic stupor by designer's sincere, genuine interest in feedback of his creation. Submom received a wake-up call when designer Joey Roth replied directly to her random vent of his creation, Sorapot. When asked to reflect more carefully, Submom admitted that she DID enjoy watching the Chinese flower [...]

was a good idea for a great Xmas present... is a f** idiot and can come & take it!My husband's attempt to surprise me at Xmas was a success if he only meant to surprise me... This "teapot" was an overpriced piece of, eh, paperweight. If you have no intention of washing it, then do [...]

Who says that size does not matter? When I first started following Rainn Wilson (of The Office Dwight the Beet Farmer & B&B Operator fame) on Twitter, he only had a meagerly 60,000+ followers. And that was like, last week. Here is a Tweet that he just sent out, in celebration of the 100K threshold [...]

I cannot believe that in my previous post of celebrities that tweet I forgot about Demi Moore. Sorry Mrs. Kutcher. And of course, her lovely, always good to look at, but probably illegal for me to fantasize about because of his young age, Mr. Kutcher.Mr. Combs. How could I have forgotten Mr. Diddy? Yes, indeed, [...]

This is Twitter's stated mission (or designed usage) on its homepage: "Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?" Here is my observation: most of the people are using Twitter, not to keep their [...]

Click on the file if you don't see what's so funny. I laughed so hard my lunch came out. TMI? Well, click on the file and see what I say to that...

Sushi for you, Obama-san!

The chef did try very hard to make it non-offensive. A friendly gesture really. Look at the USA flag and the similes! I am actually using this to test POSTEROUS My first reaction was: No! Not another Web 2.0 blogging/tweeting site... How do they expect us to keep up? Very soon, only SAHMs, celebrities, VC [...]

If you have never tried Sake, or if you tried but didn't think that Sake is for you. Give it a try again. But this time, try the Kome Kome Shu. Literally, Rice Rice Wine/Booze.The alcohol content is much lower than the common varieties out there, at only 7%. And it is SWEET, not dry. [...]

My 6-year-old proclaimed all of the sudden last night when he watched me taking off my face (make-up). I burst out laughing and asked him to elaborate."You look funky in the morning when you don't have your coffee. Then when you come home from work, you look pretty. And then you look funky again when [...]

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