April 2009

My 6 year-old has been quite busy with our Xerox machine lately. Ididn't really pay attention to what he was doing, arts and crafts,innocent child's play, right?This morning, amidst the pile of strewn paper on the floor of my study, I pickedup the two pieces of Xeroxed "Honor Roll" award that his older brotherhad gotten. [...]

Like on any public transportation, an empty space on the seat next to where you are sitting is highly coveted – this has been proven with money (after all it talks) when airlines started offering “an empty seat next to you as long as it is not a full flight” as one of the benefits [...]

Taco Bell has been putting clever (ok, some more than the others...) sayings on their taco sauces for a while now. We often got a good chuckle out of them. This one though is the first time I saw "will you marry me?" on the package.I have been wondering in what scenario will a girl [...]

If you have some inexplicable fascination of Twitter, the much beloved or maligned or questioned (depending on you hang out with...) but can't-be-ignored, new kid on the block, by my troth! you definitely should check out Twitter Earth...   Twitter Earth is basically a 3D presentation of Twittervision, which shows every tweet, live, and where [...]

Today (April 23) is William Shakespeare's 445th birthday, and Chicago Mayor Richard Daly had proclaimed last week that today would be Talk Like Shakespeare Day in Chicago, since you know, the Second City is known for its high culture and all...Of course today is the day I wish I had ordered "Shakespeare's Insults" : Fie [...]

This email was sent to me this morning, and provided much laughter inside my head.  I believe, like all jokes being passed around on the Internet today, this has been going around for a few years, especially considering that the following quotations are from a book called Disorder in the Court: Great Fractured Moments in Courtroom [...]

via youtube.com Funny in a, "I know there is something wrong but I just can't stop it" kind of way. Sort like chocolate. Or, porn, for some people, I guess. "Who are you talking to?" "No one and every one!" Someone posted link to this vid as a comment to the thought-provoking "It's Official - [...]

Ok. I am not really going to do this. But I just want to do something about this article: Scott Brown's "Gag Reflexes" in Wired (April 2009). The online edition has a longer title: "Scott Brown on Stand-Up Comedy, Lingua Franca of the Wired World" which sums up Mr. Brown's theory. Maybe crumple up the [...]

This Daily Chart from the Economist solved it for me: have been agonizing over whether to move to Denmark since we love Legos so... Now I know with two impressionable boys, this is a country we should keep away from during their teenage years... Denmark and excessive drinking? No surprise really, if you have seen [...]

via youtube.com The most amazing things about this vid, in addition to the lovable singers-songwriters and the catchy lyrics and melody, are the ordering screen keeping up with the food items mentioned in the song and the drive-thru guy. Is this truly unscripted? The drive-thru guy is not in on this? Amazing! He should definitely [...]

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