June 2009

I am completely confused by this ant bait by Walgreens. It should have been very simple, until I decided to read what the sticker says:"This surface is TOP. Bottom should be placed against floor or stuck on wall."The problem is, according to the photo on the package, the bottom is supposed to be the top, [...]

Mr. Monk surprised me with a nice, healthy breakfast, much healthier than I prepare for them...He has been trying to mother me lately:Are you driving over the speed limit?Why do you drink so much coffee?You should have brrrkfast every day you know.And, this is the best one:Why are you returning those shirts? I bet they [...]

Nope. Didn't make this up. This came up in my conversation with my 6 year-old, Mr. Monk, in the car today. Most of our conversations happen in the car now, it seems. Could Mr. Monk be that smart so as to figure out that when I am driving, I am cornered and hence have to [...]

For the longest time my youngest had a Fedora, and he did wear it throughout the last winter despite my initial prediction that it would only last one week. It was adorable when he tipped his hat to greet the ladies, "How'd you do, Ma'am?" You are allowed to do all these things when you [...]

Ah, VeggieTales. After more than a decade, I am still marveled at their success. I am sure a lot of people watching their explosive success, have banged their heads against the wall, wailing, "Why didn't I think of that?" Since 2006, the animated veggies (with very expressive eyes and mouths since they have no limbs!) [...]

Actually, my collection started as a joke from my husband . I had asked him to bring souvenirs back for me from abroad. He decided that a barf bag is just as exotic and representative. "Honey! I have NO space in my carry-on bag!" What's very exciting is that someone reached out to me who [...]

Mother fail

Mr. Monk (my 6 yo boy) and I got into a fight tonight. The source of it is as always: his need to be close to me whenever we are home. Especially when it is close to bedtime and he's tired and I am exhausted. I finally lost my marble today and lashed out at [...]

Courtesy: JPG Magazine: Snowy . I am absolutely in amour with this picture and actually, all the pictures by photographer, Dina Goldstein. She is currently working on a project, sort of like an alternative story telling, "Fallen Princesses." In her own words: "These works place Fairy Tale characters in modern day scenarios. In all of [...]

Warning: The following text contains ruminations on the color of our skins. If you feel uncomfortable discussing skin colors, wish that people would just stop obsessing over skin colors and go on with their lives, or believe that the insistence on talking about the colors of our skin makes the originator of the conversation a [...]

After Starbucks, which seemed to be closing since even the cops outside were leaving, I continued to wander in the night. Blasting Sarah Betten's Scream, I mindless drove first on 53 N, which turned out to be a stupid move since it goes nowhere and ended even before the end of the album. I turned [...]

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