November 2009

November 30. Yeah baby! I am finishing this NaBloMoFo with a special edition of "I Comment Therefore I Am"... ... because it is Monday. And Monday, especially Monday after the long Thanksgiving weekend, absolutely sucks ass, especially if you work in an office... In this edition, I will share with you how I abuse my [...]

... even more so now that Smart Phones are becoming ubiquitous. For the better... or for the worst? To a certain extent it has changed WHEN and WHERE we take pictures. The way we interpret the world. The way we caption the things we see. Now every snap shot that comes through my daily life [...]

I have nothing. Tis 3 am 4 am on Sunday morning, I am supposed to have published a post on Saturday to meet the NaBloMoFo objective: Guess. One post every day. I have only three more posts to go. For someone who has not filled out a journal past page 10 since, eh, ever, I [...]


I have been thinking about my parents a lot lately, especially yesterday. Thanksgiving does that to you, I guess. In all honesty, I try not to think about them because when I do, the sense of guilt soon becomes too overwhelming: I have been lost to them since 1993 when I came to the U.S. [...]

How pumpkin pies are made…

Happy Thanksgiving! Well, yeah, you have to click on this thing below that says "click to continue..." to find out how pumpkin pies are made... Ready? Ok. Are you sure you want to know? Ok. Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you... You are welcome. * This is one of those "Internet Memes" that have [...]

Happy Birthday, G.K.!

Every Thanksgiving since 2002, I know what to be thankful for... I had deep vein thrombosis when I was five months pregnant with my youngest. I limped for two weeks without realizing that, Hey, it is more than a muscle strain since it is not getting any better after so many days. Oh, and look! [...]

Laugh all you want. But my one favorite song, if I have to pick, is seriously Bohemian Rhapsody. I am a walking cliche, I know. I can listen to it over and over again all day long. Thanks to the invention of the Internet (Thank you, Al Gore! <-- This is a repetitive trope here), [...]

But wait. There is more! Thanks to Elly over at BugginWord for alerting me to this wonderful, modern rendition of Thanksgiving. Elly has much to thank for: she beat cancer! Now let's all go over and say: Happy first year in remission, Elly!

Even if you don’t know its name, you must have seen this iconic painting by Norman Rockwell: The name of the painting is Freedom from Want, by Norman Rockwell in 1943. Ever since its appearance and subsequent permeation into the pop culture and the collective American consciousness, it is also known as Thanksgiving Dinner. This [...]

Word of the Day: Disguise

"The secret agent is in disguise."  The caption of the picture says. (No, I didn't draw the picture. My 6 year old did). I thought I'd use this picture to comment on the following pictures: These pictures were meant for a post on how I was trying to be the Best Mom in the World [...]

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