May 2010

Weekends are sacred

Weekends are sacred even though there are errands to run and housework chores to do. Weekends are sacred despite gymnastic practices, Taekwondo lessons, religious education and Chinese school. . . Weekends are sacred because we didn't realize how much fun it is to fly a kite. Now we know. . . Weekends are sacred because [...]

I recently remembered that I have kept my computer files from the last century somewhere on the hard drive and went looking.  I came upon a Letter to Nobody that I wrote in 1997 documenting an interesting encounter that I have since forgotten. What surprises and delights me is that I sounded just as sarcastic, [...]


. I have been thinking about this exchange in Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot a lot lately. ESTRAGON: Let's go. VLADIMIR: We can't. ESTRAGON: Why not? VLADIMIR: We are waiting for Godot. . . This exchange recurs throughout the play. No progress is made. Nothing is changed.  Both acts end on the same verbal promise [...]

... even when you are in the safe confines of your home. Actually, now come to think of it, especially when you are at home... . . . .

. Here is a translation if you have trouble reading the handwriting... The question was: If you were a bee, would you be a worker, a drone or a queen? Why? My 7 year-old child's answer: If I were a bee, I would be a worker because I get to collect pollen and nectar. He [...]

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


. . . . . . . . Our trip to St. Pete Beach, and especially North Beach at Fort De Soto was filled with moments of wonders: . . . . White sandy beaches, calm and clear water, massive expanse of azure that makes one understand what it means to not be able to [...]

This is the second part of a rare Double Feature, in celebration of Mother's Day. No, my dear readers, Chef Ping's was sadly not on my itinerary... Not that I haven't tried though. I decided at around 4 pm that yes, we are going to go to Chef Ping's because It's my party and I'll [...]

Sure I can take a rest today. Sure I can go out and have fun and enjoy myself. (Well, I actually can't since my husband left for Canada this morning... So I am single-parenting for the next ten days...) But really, if things are not taken care of at home TODAY, I know I have [...]

I am having a hard time with this post: I cannot decide which WTF moment to lead with. Too many blazing instances of human stupidity, greed and bigotry circulating the Interweb and I am at a loss. But forge on I must since if I don't write a WTF Wednesday post this week, it would [...]

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