July 2010

2:19:39 PM: We didn't get on the road till 2 pm. Just lk "Stuff White People Like" says about camping: we stopped by friggin REI! I'm driving now. 2:23:16 PM: sayz: Camping is for Bears: Live Blogging My Misery http://goo.gl/fb/DuYyx 3:46:31 PM: Tis a good thing I drove. Parking lot half of the way. Husband [...]

2:59:29 PM: sayz: Crazy week ahead… How to keep my Tamagotchi alive? http://goo.gl/fb/74Hr6 3:00:14 PM: Let the live blogging begin! 3:02:08 PM: Here's my schedule starting this Saturday: Camping till Mon. Tue 6 am flight out on biz trip. Back Thur evening. Friday 7 am flt 2 NYC. Nuts 3:12:16 PM: Thought I'd try out [...]

Things I Missed

I have been back to my real life since two Sundays ago.  After a week on the beach, doing nothing, having no appointments to make, no place to rush to, I find it hard to adjust back to life in the suburbia 100%. On the first few days after The Beach, I caught myself thinking [...]

What ya doin’?

If you don't count the works that were not supposed to be mine but when it all of a sudden became mine three precious days had passed and there were only two days left to work on it. If you don't count the general assholery that's thrown over the wall to my cubicle. If you [...]

Sundays in My City

This post was done at the airport. Made possible by the FREE Wi-Fi provided at the Richmond Airport and 2+ hour delay courtesy of United Airlines (well, to be fair, it's really the weather's fault...) . . .

I tell my kids frequently that when the dinosaurs come, RUN. Don’t wait for mommy. Because mommy will be the first one that gets eaten. They always reply, after they are done rolling their eyes, It will not be dinosaurs in the end of the world scenario, mom. Don’t you watch any movies? Well, dinosaur [...]

The Girl in Her

She did not want to come back the last time she was there. She wanted to stay home. Home. When she was there by herself, she was not a mother. She was not a wife. She was herself. More enticingly, she was her younger self. She was a daughter. She was the much adored and lauded [...]

That's right, peeps. I've got you all FREE Slurpees AND a Solar Eclipse on my birthday because that's how I roll... You do need to get to the Southern Pacific Ocean in order to view the Solar Eclipse though you will thank me when you are staring at your own feet taking a sip from a [...]

There. You did it again. Remember in the movie Gremlins? No water. No food after midnight. And of course the rules were immediately broken, WTF that nobody EVER EVER listens to those who live in Chinatown? Seriously? monsters were created and hijinks ensued. Do not feed a closeted egomaniac. . You never heed the warning. [...]

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