November 2010

Faraway, So Close.

I came across an interesting article today in which the author questioned the recent brouhaha / vociferous protest against the security measures enforced by TSA while some other, more serious, offense committed by the US government, such as the wrongful execution of  its citizens, did not inspire nearly enough the appropriate amount and degree of outrage. The author [...]

I kicked yo ass, NaBloMoFo!

Dear Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, are you sure I really need to add FOUR tablespoons of butter? Isn't that like, a lot? Dear vegetarians, I hate to tell you, but Tofurkey does not look nor taste like turkey. Or anything that is benign. If you are going to be a vegetarian, just suck it up [...]

Sundays in My City

. Remember: Picnik is a lady's best friend. During the holiday season, Picnik's is the mother's best friend. . .

Let Them Eat Cake

The night before Thanksgiving my then 7-year-old boy, Mr. Monk, found it difficult to fall asleep because he was giddy with excitement: grandparents and uncle were flying to celebrate the holiday with us, and his birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year. "Mom, you know why I love Thanksgiving?" "Why?" I asked, knowing he was excited [...]

F I N A L L Y! Ok. I am joking. Well, maybe 50%. I am most likely kidding on the square, as is my MO. I have been thinking about being thankful, for all the right reasons, like everybody else around Thanksgiving time. When I went to the grocery store across the street for the [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Freak out!

Almost 3 pm the day before Thanksgiving. House. Not cleaned. Laundry. Not done. Thanksgiving dishes. Not planned. Ham. Not picked up from the store yet. Pies. Ditto. Grocery list. Nope. Grocery shopping. Ha! My parents-in-law are flying in tomorrow arriving at 11 am. Vegetarian brother-in-law. 3 pm. I am running around not knowing which task [...]

Thanksgiving. I had an existential crisis last year when my then almost-7-year-old Mr. Monk started talking about a golden turkey. Complete with legs wrapped around in silver tinfoil and tied with red strings. I honestly had no idea where he got the idea. I still don't. But an idea he did have. In fact, he [...]

Cold Turkey (A Pictorial)

I have not been motivated to write real posts for a while now because I find lately my stats dispiriting, to say the least... . . . . . Oh well. This kind of provides me with a great excuse to show you this picture I took when I all of a sudden saw something [...]

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