December 2010


Less than a year after we started dating, my husband brought me home to meet his parents during the winter break. Ever since that year, we have been spending Christmas at my in-laws in Maryland. The fact that my folks are not in the U.S. simplifies things since we don't have to fight over which [...]

Quickly. Group Hug!

. . . . . . . . Dear Friends, Yes, you dread this moment of sappiness and it has come. No, seriously, I am so blessed to be surrounded by people who show me what the true human spirit of giving and caring is, not just around Christmas, but on a daily basis. In [...]

On a Clear Day in DC

At the in-laws. Can't talk. I mean, it will not look too good if I remain attached to my laptop or my Blackberry or my fake iPhone, aka CONNECTED, the way I am at home. I can hide in the bathroom and tweet though.* * I am absolutely not kidding about hiding and tweeting from [...]


It is 3:50 am. I am a night owl. I think I am so by necessity: when I was in high school, it was necessary to stay up and "burn the midnight oil" so to speak in order to deal with all the tests and homework that Asian countries are so famous for; in college, [...]

. .

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

As in Seinfeld... . When I landed in the U.S. which turned out to be in the middle of corn field and not in NYC or LA, I was often trapped inside my dorm room and therefore I watched a lot of American TV. That's probably for the better since I needed polishing on not [...]

WARNING: Wagon jumping here! . . I learned of Beads of Courage from BugginWord, a charity that I have never heard of until today. The main program is based on a concept so "simple" yet so brilliant ('cause many probably thought to themselves: "Why didn't anybody think of this sooner?!") that is making a huge [...]

“Incongruity Detected”

"Incongruity Detected" is a term I learned from this laugh-out-funny post from Hyperbole and a Half, the girl with the indomitable spirit who makes hilarious illustrations for her blog posts with MS Paint. That post of hers is titled "Expectations vs. Reality".     Oh boy, did that post strike a cord within the deepest [...]


I have been thinking about ants a lot lately. Or rather, the absence of ants. It probably has a lot to do with all the holiday-related activities happening in this house: cookie baking, frosting, sprinkling, gingerbread house decorating. Every time when I see Mr. Monk walking around with a sugar cookie that he has added [...]

Work. "Single mother" for two weeks. Business trip. Sick. Child hurting his foot by doing backflip on concrete floor. Suspicion of a broken foot. X-ray. Orthopedic surgeon. Good news: Not broken. Bad news: No other cure but time for the pain. Advent Calendar = Sweets first thing in the morning. Over-purchase of cookie doughs from [...]

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