January 2011

What is missing here?

. . . . Honestly, I would not have been so indignant if they hadn't made such a big deal out of Nathan Lane's 55th birthday as "THE BIG THING" for February 3rd. Nothing against Nathan Lane: Love him in The Birdcage. And it is very easy to forget about Chinese New Year when you [...]

Mass at 5

Warning: According to my Blog Advisory System, this post is rated RED for The Touchiest of All Touchy Subjects. I wrote it last week but did not have the heart to publish it because I was worried about losing readership. In the end though, I have got to do what feels right by me and [...]

Things I learned today

. I will never ever be able to fold a fitted sheet perfectly no matter how much time I spend on it. Fitted sheet, consider yourself folded. . . . Checking my email is never going to be "QUICK". I will always spend more than "Just one minute" when I log in my email account. [...]

. I am letting it all out today. What you are looking at is my butt. Well, half of my butt: I had to crop the top of my butt off so you cannot see my muffin top. Ok, so technically, I am not really letting it all out today. Just half out. I took [...]

. . . p.s. Obviously backdated so it appears to have been published on a Sunday. These pictures were taken a week before but I have been to lazy busy to do anything about them. .

Saturday Smörgåsbord

I have been watching SpongeBob with Mr. Monk this whole day except when I am being the Chauffeur. (And I know I am not the only Weekend Chauffeur around here...) You know what I admire SpongeBob the most? He does not seem to understand the concept of Envy and Jealousy, and therefore he is always genuinely over-the-top [...]

The Cure

Seeing how many of you are under the weather or are boarded up in your camp of resistance against some full-on attack by Black Death, I thought I'd introduce you to Tiger Balm. . . It cures everything. In the same fashion that Chris Rock introduced us to the omnipotent healing power of Robitussin. "'Mo' [...]

I sometimes feel very sorry for my children: because how I am caught between two worlds, they too are caught between two worlds. Many of you have commented on my responses to the Tiger Mom Controversy with great insight, grace and kindness. One comment that made me pause and reflect upon the factual state of [...]

This is a different reaction from my reading of the controversy surrounding Amy Chua's WSJ article, "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior?" Yesterday, I said, Bring it on! The can of worms has been opened! Today, I will continue to clear this raging case of "Oh oh oh I have something to say Pick Me Pick Me" [...]

Tiger Moms. That's all I hear/read about these past few days. Ugh. Yeah I hear you. But are you surprised that I need to talk about it? In case you have not heard, the "Tiger Mom Controversy" refers to a WSJ article written by a Yale Law School professor, Amy Chua, "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior?" [...]

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