February 2011


For this past week I have been thinking of this line by 20 Prospect "There is something unholy about being able to cross the world in a day," which succinctly summed up the experience of traveling to the other side of the world and dealing with the consequences, as he so poetically yet accurately described jet [...]

Jet Lag is a Bitch

It's 2:46 am here in Taipei. I have been awake since 1, lying quietly next to the exhausted boys who passed out at 8 pm, which means they'll be up and ready to go any minute now. Jet lag sucks ass when you are traveling with kids. I am also typing this on my stupid [...]

This just in: Apparently I cannot say the word BOMB either. This came up because Mr. Monk, my 8-year old, was crying before bedtime due to some teasing on his brother's part and yelling on my part. When I put him to bed, I asked him why he cried so much and he said, "Because [...]

The Antidote to VD

I received the latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek this Saturday and I could not have been happier. Such a great antidote for Valentine's Day Blues. . . . After reading the well-written article, "Cheating Incorporated", still aghast and shaking from the get-go by the tagline "Life is short. Have an affair", I went and checked [...]


If you are out and about this past week, it will take a lot of resilience to not be carried away or affected by all the pink and red hearts, the flowers, the chocolate and candy in pretty pretty heart-shaped boxes wrapped in red ribbons tied into perfect little bows, the flowery typeface all over [...]

The Cuckoo and The Choo Choo

I am at the train station again. The one with the Starbucks. I come here almost every Saturday morning when the kids are in Religious Ed. Free babysitting provided by the Catholic Church. That's the least they could do for me really. When I was waiting for my non-fat Venti latte, I heard "Hi, Mrs. [...]

Don’t forget February 14!

I need to throw out the stinking milk on February 14. That's all. . . . .

Red Envelopes

For Chinese New Year, instead of wrapped-up presents, children are given cold hard cash inside red envelopes for good luck. We are a practical people. I still remember the excitement on Chinese New Year's eve: after the big dinner, my parents would call me to their bedroom and hand me a red envelope. My parents [...]

On February 1, 2011, at around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, snow started coming down together with the wind, fast and furious. The fortunate ones were able to stay in their own houses, waiting for the blizzard to end. Before the sun came out again, the snow had stopped but the wind continued. When those [...]

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