March 2011

Can’t Hardly Wait

    Some random associations from a picture I took this Sunday. Budding. Can't hardly wait. Spring Awakening. Frank Wedekind Frank Wedekind who in 1906 gave us a play criticizing the sexually repressed society with depictions of group masturbation and other subjects that scandalized theatre goers. This quote attributed to Wedekind which made me chuckle [...]

Sucker Punched

Warning: This post is a RANT with a heavily identity politics bend. So if you have no time nor patience to listen to People of Color whining "Oh no not that wah-wah we want to be represented crap again!", please just ignore me when I come back down from my high horse. I AM BACK! [...]

Dear Internet, I miss you. Yes, in these past two weeks, you still see me coming around once in a while, reading articles online, sharing random pictures on Facebook and Twitter, and flirting with my lady friends with my witty one-liner tweets. It has been still only Drive-by Interneting, which in my book does not [...]

“Give Me Novacaine!”

I have had problems with my teeth since young. Actually one of the dentists I saw in the U.S. flat out told me that it is largely hereditary, that I would have developed problems with my teeth sooner or later, that even if I were born and grew up here, the land of BEST DENTAL CARE [...]


My firstborn is thirteen today. It's official: I now have a bona fide teenager on my hand. I am still wavering about whether I should have made this birthday into a big deal or not. I hope he was not expecting a big to-do. I hope he was not expecting a PlayStation 3 this morning as he [...]

Because Hallmark does not make a card for this. When I opened the newspaper this Sunday, ads with BIG SALES for International Women's Day did not tumble out of the newspaper bundle. Well, because there was none. It was not even an after thought here in the U.S. if it were not for the Interwebz, [...]


    I started getting it, bit by bit, that the thing between parents and children, the thing that ties you together is that all your life, you are forever watching them walking away. [The inadequate, rough translation mine] I read this in a book by Lung Ying-tai, a renowned cultural critic in Taiwan, on [...]

This is a cheap shot and oh so predictable. But I need to pay homage to the latest Interweb sensation and not only an awesome Internet meme in the making but a generous provider of meme material. Yes, my friend. I am talking about Charlie Sheen. My apology indeed. I know most of you are [...]