June 2011


I had to travel to San Francisco this weekend, and therefore I had the good fortune of participating in the 41st San Francisco Pride Parade. My lucky star shone on me for I was able to drag Brilliant Sulk to walk in the pride with me. Yes you heard that right. WE. WALKED. IN. THE. [...]


As I was sitting in the cafeteria during lunch hour today, I noticed that the music selection has been veering towards the 80s this week. "Did you notice the music?" I asked my one co-worker who has transferred to the new office with me. (So yes I am now surrounded by actual people every day [...]

        At 11:50pm, both boys were still awake. Hey, no judging! Summer vacation... Mr Monk, my 8 year old: *sigh* In 10 minutes, I cannot be mean to dad any more. Me: Oh, you are right. It will be Father's Day. Him: (Shrugs) Well, enjoy it while it lasts! Me: (Thinking to [...]

  I got something from The Husband last night. Something I believe that will allow him to forget my birthday this year. Honey, you are already forgiven! THE best baby book ever. Really. If you know someone who just had a baby, or who is going to have a baby, RUN, don't walk, and order [...]

Tony Awards. As a quote unquote Theatre Person (Notice how I spell Theatre the "wrong" way? Yeah, that's the sign I AM a theatre person) who nevertheless has been living so far away from the epicenter of theatrical creativity aka NYC, I always find Tony Awards a bitter sweet event. Wishing does not bring about peace. Let [...]

Slow News Day

Have you ever seen mean comments left by irate YouTubers for people who videotapes the television as a show was going on and uploaded the footage of that onto YouTube? "Hey loser. Why are you taping your own TV and then put that on YouTube?!"   I am a loser so I take pictures of [...]

Spitting Blood

I am sitting here trying to catch up on the million things people just piled on my desk with a pool of blood in my mouth. I don't know why but I keep on thinking of Brat Pitt from Fight Club. I don't remember whether he lost any tooth inside the Fight Club or not. [...]

I suspect that you have been seeing this picture popping up on your Facebook and/or Twitter stream this week. I did. Like you, I had a visceral response to it. FUCK YEAH! Was exactly what I said to the monitor as I responded to the plea on Facebook "This was an ad made by bodyshop. But Barbie [...]

  Sometimes, for no reason at all, I would get a severe attack of homesickness. Without any provocation, my heart would ache and I would get a sensation of emptiness and at the same time heaviness inside my stomach. I recognize that feeling well. It is an intense loneliness that comes from a herd animal [...]