July 2011

Porn for Women

You can say that I have given up on attracting more male readers... Since I am of the Drastic Measure type of bitches: It is All or Nothing to me, I have decided to actively repel men*, esp. the straight kind. Let's go all the way, baby!   This is a real book. The Cambridge [...]

I heard this study that was published this May on the radio today. The headline is: Men relax best when wives are doing housework chores!   My first question was: How is it possible that I did not hear about this until now?! Is the Universe conspiring to keep this earth-shattering news from me? You [...]

I wrote a post titled  I will stab anyone who says “Boys will always be boys”  in October 2010 at the height of teen (and preteen) suicides. With the nation coming together in the movement It Gets Better, I felt relieved. "People get it now." I thought. "They are reaching out to our young people. People [...]

Happy Monday. Or not.

In case you are wondering what the hack is happening to this blog. "I did not sign up for a PHOTOBLOG! (not that anything is wrong with it...)" My dear readers, my most sincere apologies. (And if you are actually happy about not having to read my ramblings, you are absolutely welcome!) Just got back [...]

The Perfect Meeting



New York. New York.


Vegas Baby

Anybody interested in listening to more of my drunken tales? This time in Vegas? Well, no matter. I need to write this all down so I can relive my glory days when I am in my 80s... I sure do hope the Interwebs are still going strong "50" years from now... We had never been [...]

Why not?

I sometimes wonder why I have not become an alcoholic. I like myself better when I am just a little bit drunk. Like now. The state of knowing that you are drunk, knowing that perhaps you should not have leaned out the car window and shouted at the guy across the street but you could [...]