August 2011

  When I saw the front page of the RedEye edition this Friday, I became out-of-proportionally indignant. I wanted to stand up in the middle of the commuter train, wave the newspaper in front of people and scream at the top of my lung: I am so fucking tired of this! Yes I am. I [...]

I was as naive as could be. And possibly stupid. I now realized. When I first read the op-ed by Warren Buffett in New York Times, "Stop Coddling the Super Rich", on 14 August, in which Buffett expounded on the concept of "shared sacrifices" and argued for tax increase for the super wealthy, himself included, [...]

Where I’m From

I am from sunshine, sweat, and bricks of humid air. I am from have you eaten yet. I am from rice, salted fish, stir-fried greens, from soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, from ginger, star anise, and cayenne peppers. I am from concrete jungle, clothes lines stretched-across the rooftops, the smell of sun in the fabrics, [...]

Apparently many of my friends from my "real life" LOVE The Help. Love it. They are telling people on Facebook to "GO SEE THE HELP. RUN. NOT WALK!" including a dear dear friend who studied and wrote about Apartheid in South Africa. As I ponder how much I should share my perspectives with her at the risk of [...]


The trouble with trying to raise conscientious kids is that I am absolutely not perfect. As a matter of fact, on some days, in some moments, I am absolutely the worst. And my kids would not hesitate to call me out on it. In fact, I believe they cannot wait to catch me with my foot in [...]

The Ice Cream Index

Earlier today I learned of these numbers today from Mature Landscaping: Salary of retired US Presidents ...............$180,000 FOR LIFE Salary of House/Senate ..........................$174,00​0 FOR LIFE Salary of Speaker of the House ................$223,500 FOR LIFE Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders ...... $193,400 FOR LIFE Average Salary of a teacher .................... $40,065 Average Salary of Soldier DEPLOYED IN [...]


A couple of weeks ago, I was in downtown Chicago with my family. We do that from time to time: using the hotel points we racked up from business trips for a weekend in downtown Chicago. A Staycation. (Sorry for using the stupid buzz word) After a most satisfying lunch at Berghoff where I was [...]

The Lesser of Two Evils

Yet another interesting conversation with my 8-year-old that makes me worry... [In the car] Mr. Monk: Mom? Me [Distracted by This American Life on NPR]: Huh? Mr. Monk: What's the drug that starts with an M? Me [Paying attention now]: Eh... You mean Methamphetamine? [Crap! How did he know about Meth?!] Mr. Monk: You know what [...]

My 8-year-old, known as Mr. Monk here, is singing a song that he improvises right now. In the middle of the Kaleidoscopic of lyrics, I heard,     I chuckled. "I honestly do not know how to take that." "Well, don't take it as an insult. I am not being sarcastic." "Well, thank you." I said while [...]

A Reason as Good as Any

Conversations that happened yesterday... (Proving that thank goodness I work fulltime so I don't spend too much time talking to my kids...)   [On the way to lunch] 13-year-old: My friend is jealous. He thinks we have the coolest license plate ever! [Be rest assured: It is dorky.] 8-year-old: Oh, mom, we should keep this [...]