December 2011

Going Home. Again.

Waiting to get on a plane that will take me to Tokyo Narita, and then onto Taipei. I am making my annual solo trip back home so I can pack 359 days of homesickness, guilt and filial piety into a 3-day visit. (I will spend 3 days traveling due to time zone change and the [...]

Santa is not real. I am worried that I may have ruined my son's childhood. On Christmas eve nonetheless. Before he went to bed full of anticipation for Christmas morning, I decided to tell him THE Truth. Well, I did not really decide per se. He turned 9 this year and he's always known that [...]

The phone rang. At this hour I knew it has got to be from my mother. What does she want this time? Is always my first thought. Then I feel guilty about it. More often than not, however, I get to stop feeling guilty because she is calling to add to my shopping list called [...]

1. Buying a duvet cover in DEEP RED rather than white like those nice glistening duvet covers in hotels Around 1 am today, as I was wrapping up my work and was looking forward to hitting my head against that pillow, I heard my 9-year-old boy make a familiar sound. A sound from the past. [...]

A Piece of TV Reality

A couple of guys were giving out rims of paper at a street corner this morning when I was inching my way to the office. I was mildly puzzled: Really? What made some paper company think it's a good promotional ploy to give away a whole pack of printing paper? And why would I want [...]


Scene: The basement of an upscale restaurant in a hip Chicago neighborhood Cast: Her. And a throne of other women. It would be accurate to add "mostly young and attractive (and white except her and one other woman, though this has nothing to do with anything really...)" Being young adds 20% at least to the [...]

Tis the Season to be Jolly

Tra la la la la la la la la.Don we now our gay apparelFa la la la la la la la la. Gay apparel as in holiday parties. Of course. Tis the season of office holiday parties where alliances are formed, enemies are made, and by the end of night, everybody is drunk enough to tell [...]