February 2012

I re-discovered and fell in love with Davy Jones again when I saw that he was the voice behind our favorite Sandra Boynton song, I Want to be Your Personal Penguin.  I've always thought that one would be lucky in life to meet someone that makes you want to sing this song to them. We [...]

Things I am obsessed with

... recently, and for the time being. I have never been addicted to anything. Not even to love. That's the tragic burden I have to bear as someone who can never seem to manage to stick to anything. But once in a while, I have passionate, obsessive affairs with some things that abruptly break into [...]


Before we got married, The Husband and I talked about whether we should raise our children Catholic, his mother's religion. I said "his mother's religion" because like countless Catholics, he is twice-a-year Catholic. He gives up something for Lent (that usually make me exclaim, "Jesus died for you sin and you are giving up THAT [...]

What he said.

  I came across this quote again tonight on the Interwebs, and it made me weepy. I know this sounds extremely pretentious but sometimes late at night I am overcome by a sadness from remembering that Kurt Vonnegut is dead. I truly miss him.   Many people need desperately to receive this message: ‘I feel [...]


Today is the Lantern Festival. I completely forgot about it. It was only when I noticed the headline on The Atlantic, "Chinese Lantern Festival 2012" that I remembered. Today marks the end of the Chinese New Year. Looking through the beautiful photos, I wish I could say, "Yup. These remind me of home."  Of my [...]

The Yellow Invasion

By now you probably have heard of "The Super Bowl commercial you probably did not see".  Former Rep. Pete Hoekstra's campaign advertisement aired during Super Bowl features a beautiful Chinese woman (or, as he called her later when he was made to explain himself, "a Chinese girl"), complete with a straw hat, bicycle, rice paddy, and [...]

Out of My Mind

I went to a grade school talent show on Friday evening that lasted 2.5 hours. Yesterday we had Catholic brainwashing religious class, band festival at our local senior high school, gymnastics meet and team dinner. Today is the Chinese school New Year celebration performance: reporting for rehearsals at 9 am [it's now 3 am] and [...]

WTF Wednesday

I have been thinking that I should make this a weekly feature. There are so many WTF moments, don't you think? But sometimes when I finally found time, it was NOT Wednesday any more, so I waited, and then I missed another Wednesday... Anyway, 5 minutes before midnight. STILL Wednesday. And I always have the [...]