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February 19, 2012

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… recently, and for the time being.

I have never been addicted to anything. Not even to love. That’s the tragic burden I have to bear as someone who can never seem to manage to stick to anything. But once in a while, I have passionate, obsessive affairs with some things that abruptly break into my consciousness to command all my attention, and then leave soon afterwards just as abruptly.

As a piece of evidence to the above tragic character flaw of mine, I present to you, The Ukulele.

CIMG4404 1 600x493 Things I am obsessed with


It showed up from last August. Was used as a prop in several pictures. And then… sadly, it along with the instruction book and CD, was never to be seen again… until last month when I traveled with it all the way to San Francisco for a team building event, and then back, without once taking it out of its bag.

On the night of February 10, I jumped on the Linsanity wagon and stayed up the WHOLE night to follow New York Knicks’ win over Lakers. I was gaga over Jeremy Lin, and all the lin-puns that ensued.


Hey, if even Spike Lee caught the fever, who was I to pretend to be cool, right?

Screen shot 2012 02 11 at 5.46.43 AM 300x97 Things I am obsessed with

Screen shot 2012 02 11 at 5.46.15 AM 300x119 Things I am obsessed with

Screen shot 2012 02 11 at 5.46.58 AM 274x300 Things I am obsessed with


That weekend I had a lot of fun with Jeremy Lin Word Generator (of course!), and below is my favorite:

Linja Things I am obsessed with

Actually, I’d like all of you to start calling me Linja from now on. In return, I will give you the awesome Dynamic Einstein Caption Generator: Have Einstein write anything you want on the blackboard! Yeah, naturally I had fun for a while with Einstein also.

My obsession this weekend? Quicken. Yup. Turns out that I have not reconciled my bank statement on Quicken since… drum roll please… September 2009, interestingly coincided with the time when I started getting to know the blogging community… You guys are a bad influence, you know that (and are probably proud of it too). I am now up to October 2010. Pray for me.

There is one thing that I should be more obsessed with but haven’t got around to it:


I am going to give it a try right now.



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