April 2012

Father and Daughter

I'm sitting in the train station with the only Starbucks in this town. This has been a routine of mine for Saturday mornings when the kids are at religious class. I like to think it's free babysitting service provided by the Catholic church for me. "Awwwww. How cute!" I exclaimed to myself when I saw [...]

Pictures taken at Houhai Lake, Beijing. You can see the pictures I've been taking while in Beijing here on Instagram.

I feel so naked without a working cellphone with me when I am out and about. Vulnerable. I did not know how dependent I have become, at least psychologically, on having instant access to the world. They changed the configuration of the plane: I was able to get a window seat in the Economy Plus [...]

Oh lord.

  Really, I should not be complaining. My original flight(s) to Beijing tomorrow had me leave the house at 4 am so I could catch the 6 am flight to SFO, with an almost 5-hour layover, and then on to my next flight to Beijing. I would have been in the back of the plane, [...]

Easter Bunny no more

Dear Easter Bunny, please accept our sincere apology for banishing you to the land of creepy holiday creatures where you will reign supreme I am sure. You were slayed when 9-year-old Mr. Monk declared that he no longer believes in Easter Bunny. Rejoice! The Husband took the boys to Wal-Mart last night because I had [...]

I need to go to bed

If only The Internet would let me... It's been tough and crazy at work. I have been trying to wrap up as many things as possible in preparation for my business trip to China next week. Word of advice: Always have a valid passport. AND make sure you renew your passport one year ahead of [...]

I have been wanting to write about this fear of mine, irrational or not, for a long time but refrained because I did not want to offend anybody. But I can't ignore it any longer. It depresses the shit out of me on bad days. I am just going to come right out and say [...]