May 2012

I don't have any new rules to share with the world like Bill Maher and his team of writers. What I have though is a list of OLD rules that I just want to humbly scream out loud into the abyss of the Internet. Old rule: Don't say that you do your own laundry if [...]

Source: La Lettre de la Photographie

Yes, I am the Grinch, Mother's Day version. I wrote a whiny, bitchy, grouchy post on/near Mother's Day every year. I thought about restraining myself this year because as we all know, bitterness is extremely unattractive. The problem with bitterness is that it easily borders on envy, and as we also know, envy is one [...]

Today, on May 9, 2012, for the first time in history, the President of United States publicly announced that he supports same-sex marriage. [Let's not overlook the fact though that he also said each state gets to decide whether to legalize same-sex marriage or not... But still...] What makes it such a groundbreaking moment in [...]

O rly?

  I don't remember ever sign on a labor division agreement in which I am the designated parent in charge of school projects. Learn from my mistake: Before you get married, in addition to the pre-nup, AND the chore chart, make sure you and the other party agree on 50-50 should you ever become parents, [...]


Someone asked me today, quite bluntly but I appreciate her directness - she started our conversation with this question, "Are you happy in your marriage?", whether I get hit on a lot when I travel. Have you hung out at the hotel bar? Airport lounge? And nobody ever hit on you? Frequently. All the time. [...]

I'm waiting for the day when, if you tell someone 'I'm from the internet', instead of laughing they just ask 'oh, what part?'                         xkcd I met a fellow blogger yesterday.  It no longer feels weird to me to meet someone who I have been [...]


As soon as I stepped into the house from a business trip, I heard a moan from a heap at the corner of our sink-and-swim sofa. Shit. I thought to myself. "Dad was not like this a second ago. He was ok before you came home." Mr. Monk, my 9-year-old, informed me with mischievous glee. [...]