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June 2012

Accomplishments Unlocked

June 16, 2012

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Accomplishment Unlocked: My hair is the longest it’s ever been, and I finally get to fulfill my childhood dream of wearing pigtails anime-style. At the age of 40+ nonetheless. Yeah. This hair style is not going out of this house. In fact, this hair style is not seeing the daylight.

Accomplishment Unlocked: Did not break down and cry while working through thousands of Excel rows and ten plus Excel tabs for a work project. Nor did I stab anybody while manually adding ~100 comments from one word document to another. (Don’t ask…)

Accomplishment Unlocked: Was told that I am a true wonder. (Shut up!)

Accomplishment Unlocked: Finally finished reading 1Q84 by Murakami Haruki, all 900+ pages.

Accomplishment Unlocked: Shared a passage about erections from a deeply philosophical book about time and space and reality and the power of writing which is also rumored to be a Nobel Prize contender.

Accomplishment Unlocked: Signed up for Weight Watchers and then managed to gain weight. I am allowed to have 26 points worth of food every day. Now let’s see: A bag of ramen is 14 points. A can of my favorite sweet red beans is 24 points. What’s even worse is that 1 oz. of vodka or any grain alcohol is worth 4 points.  Seriously?!

Accomplishment Unlocked: Got kids to become obsessed with Doctor Who too.

Accomplishment Unlocked: Watched the Doctor Who episode “The Time of Angels” with the said kids and were so freaked out that we unanimously decided to skip the episode.

Accomplishment Unlocked: Gave birth to a child of awesome who’s been saying “Bow Ties. Bow ties are cool.” without even being told that that IS an actual meme.

Accomplishment Unlocked: Met another Internet friend in real life and did not encounter any moment of awkward silence the whole night.

Accomplishment Unlocked: Managed to stay cool after sipping Malort, a drink that has been deliberately marketed “on the basis of its aggressive unpalatability“.

Accomplishment Unlocked: Had the BEST grilled octopus and the BEST salty caramel gelato in my life without falling off the weird yet comfy chair in the restaurant.

Accomplishment Unlocked: Pulled off “Smart casual”, dress code listed by Open Table for The Drawing Room. I think we did. We were not kicked out.

Accomplishment Unlocked: Saw Aziz Ansari live on stage!


Accomplishment Unlocked: Stayed awake until 5 am so I could do a quick wrap-up because my life is so interesting and I am sure y’all need to hear about what went down in my life.

Now. Your turn.

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My oldest is graduating from Junior High tomorrow. Having grown up outside of the U.S., I was blissfully unaware of the tradition of throwing “graduation parties” for kids graduating from junior high and senior high schools. It was a puzzling concept to say the least. Where I grew up, it is kind of expected that you would graduate from high school. Junior high at the very least. Not even a question. [Disclaimer: My second oldest brother and his second son never graduated from junior high. But that’s another post I will never write] That being said, I am happy that Number One Son has several graduation parties lined up where he could go hang out with his school friends IN REAL LIFE and hopefully in the sun instead of spending all his waking hours indoors basking in the glow of the computer monitor on Minecraft.

IMO. The best parties are the ones not thrown by me.

I am going to sound like the old lady that I am by telling everybody, “When I was your age, I did not get squat for graduating from high school.” Well, I would be lying. When I passed the entrance exam and got into the best high school, my parents asked me, for the first time, what I would like as a prize. Without hesitation, I said, “Legos.” Legos were luxury goods back then. My parents kept their words and took me to the “American” toy store (Toys R Us) to pick out a Lego set for myself. It was one of those “dreams come true but then what?” stories – I think I enjoyed the fact of owning a set of Legos more than the Legos itself.

The day when the results of the college entrance exam were published, my dad came home with the newspaper and started looking for my name. When he found it, he asked what he could get me as a reward for bringing honor to the family. Ok. Kidding about the honor part. You didn’t really think we talk that way, did you? I told him, “I would like some cha siu bao [BBQ pork buns].” He immediately went out on his motorcycle and brought home ten piping hot pork buns. I ate them all in one sitting, much to my mother’s chagrin. To this day I know what I would say without hesitation if asked what my favorite food is in the world.

I never begrudge my children for “having it better” than I did. And really, are they really having it better? I never felt any want even though we were poor which I did not realize until much later in life, and only in retrospect. Life was easier for me to navigate because there was only one goal: study hard and get into a good school. (Of course, once you got into that good school, you kind of were lost. What now? …)

I am getting restless in anticipation of his graduation, but probably not for the right reason: I am dying to give him his graduation present.




Confession: I also wrote this post not for the right reason: I simply wanted to show you this awesome engraving.




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