From the monthly archives:

June 2013

The Husband and the boys are on a 4-day hiking trip along the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin. I had been thinking about taking advantage of the empty house for a long time but did not make any decision until Bugginword¬†gave me the “open arms all system go” welcome gesture and also I found a roundtrip ticket from Chicago to New York for $220. That’s almost like an obligation when you found a fare like that. The universe was telling me something.

So I leapt into action with only one hour to pack and without a working cell phone.

Oh, I forgot to tell you here though I’ve blabbered about it all over Twitter and FBook. Yup. I have been without a working cellphone since last Tuesday. I dropped my Samsung Galaxy Nexus face down on the ground. Bye bye screen. Bye bye phone. Bye bye the limb that I did not know I had until I lost it.

Fear not for me though as I’ve successfully made one trip to Boston with no phone. Hey, I survived! How about let’s do it again? Why not right? I am all about spontaneous. These past few days anyway.

It was lovely spending time with Elly (of Bugginword fame) and her absolutely charming almost 2-year-old boy and checking out her lovely town in New Jersey. I did not realize that suburbs could be so awesome – progressive, diverse and full of cultural activities. I should not have been surprised though awesome cities attract awesome people, and Elly is simply magical. It was fascinating and comforting at the same time that everywhere I turned in her house I noticed small, creative touches that made me go, “Yup. That is Elly.”

My 2-night stay there felt like a bed-and-breakfast stay complete with popcorn popped with bacon grease.

I actually cried on the train into New York. (Yeah, those popcorns are like crack. I miss them something terrible…)


It rained the whole day today. I didn’t mind. I love walking in the rain and have done so many times in my life in pouring rain. Rain puts a natural framing around the world. It gives a different perspective on everything you do. When you are just wandering around the best city in the world with no plans whatsoever. Rain is like Elly, simply magical.

I whiled the afternoon away in MOMA. I don’t think I need to say anything more about my day. Wish you were here.