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August 2013


August 12, 2013

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Quick recap because I know the Internet is dying to know what’s happening in my neck of the woods.

Ok. Fine. Quick recap because I am sitting at the airport lounge waiting for my delayed flight to SFO, and I can’t think straight on less than 3-hour sleep.

1. I went to BlogHer. I went. I saw. I conquered.

Ok. Not really.

There’s so much I’d like to include in my trip report: the awesome people I met & even hung out for extended length of time, including Naptime (who kept me level and from going to the deep end) & Neil Kramer (now you all are jealous, ikr?!)

The only person who drew me back, was @jaxcha, working the Expo at #blogher13. Me likey!

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(The Animated Woman & our new friend whose parents also came from Taiwan so who’s almost like my adopted daughter instantly)

How three awesome ladies & myself managed to steal walk away with pieces of giant display boards. (Long story. Post later)

How I still hated moments of events such as this. (Hint: not anybody else’s fault but my own)

And more, including, identity crisis! Am I or am I not an introvert? Neil Kramer called me out because he witnessed my social-butterfly insanity at the exhibit hall. Neil, it’s because I felt bad for those people having to stand there and wait for people to come up and say hello! I was projecting and empathizing. I did forget that PR/Agency/marketing people tend to be extroverts so I didn’t have to feel bad for them. They were most likely not scared or embarrassed or wishing the world would suddenly come to an end.

I am of course assuming that no introvert would be masochistic enough to find a job that requires them to approach complete strangers out in the open and constantly.


2. I went to Lollapalooza.


I went. I saw. I conquered.

Well, I went and I SAW.

Fortunately not THIS. [NSFW]

The Cure sang Friday I’m In Love LIVE.

I also would like the Internet to know that I was not the oldest person at Lolla despite what some people warned me. Nor was I the least hip. I did not feel any judging (a la bouncers outside trendy clubs) and was just happy to be amongst thousands of others who were also just happy being there. Clearly the naysayers have never been themselves. Hearsay.

Bucket list checked.


3. I learned that WEEDS & DRUGS still happen at musical festivals even though we’re not in the 1960s any more.

I kept thinking to myself, “Wow, There sure are a lot of dead skunks in the park.”

Duh? I know I know. I know now.

I did not know at first that’s what cheap weeds smell like. Dead skunks. Or those were not cigarettes that people kept on lighting up and held in a peculiar way.

I was amused (and perhaps I should have been alarmed?) when I noticed some guy sitting on the ground who casually took out a Ziploc bag and gingerly poured the content into a strip of paper, and then started rolling it…

Like it was the most natural thing to do in the world, just right there, out in the open, surrounded by thousands of people.


4. Camping trip this past weekend.

Yellowstone Lake State Park in Wisconsin is quite awesome especially for boating activities such as kayaking and canoeing. My choice for a boat was a paddle boat and I did not capsize! Granted the old man said, “I have never seen those suckers capsize in my life.” But I was skeptical.


GTG. Plane leaving. Catch you on the other side!




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