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To Buy a Fat Hog

Dear Costco, I don't know how you did it. But you won. I shop at the Costco near our house in the Chicago suburbs right before every one of my trips home and throw money at you as if money were grown on trees: vitamins, vitamins, and more vitamins. These are popular items that will [...]

... despite having a girl's name. It's like a boy named Sue, isn't it? You have been taunted and toughened and become the manliest of them all now that you are all grown up. Mars Chocolate North America announced today the release of the second annual COMBOS 'America’s Manliest Cities' study – crowning Charlotte with [...]

In addition to Threadless Tees, I also try to seem young and hip and on top of things by subscribing to Wired Magazine. Although I have been caught in this conundrum of inadvertently outing myself as an old fart by actually subscribing to the print edition. Seriously, who subscribes to print editions of magazines any more? And since [...]

My parents watch a lot of TV. They are at a stage where they deserve to do whatever they feel like, really, and my dad's health does not allow him to stray away too much or too often from stationary activities. That being said, there are three televisions inside the 800-sq-ft. 3- BR apartment, so [...]

Here is another edition of I Comment Therefore I Am, following the footsteps of the great Unknown Mammi. In this era of information overload, in a lot of the news blogs, especially political news blogs, comments are often the best part. Sometimes the scariest part. The comment section is like a looking glass through which [...]

Veterans Day. I always thought it is a fitting coincidence that Veterans Day falls in November, right before Thanksgiving. As you know, Veterans Day is celebrated in other parts of the world.  On November 11, 1918, at 11 am (Paris time), the Germans signed the Armistice that officially ended World War I.  The day was [...]

Let me start this post by saying that we are a Lego family.  With 3 boys in the household - my 2 sons and my one husband, our floor used to be covered with Lego pieces when they were little (the kids, not the husband).  Later, a home-made Lego table was the mainstay in the [...]

I know I am late to the party. But here is my motto as a good wife and good mother: Family First, and Bacon Second... September 6, 2009 was the Second International Bacon Day.  And of course, in case you, like I, wondered, there is a blog dedicated to this much celebrated holiday. How much [...]

Apparently Pork-flavored Vodka is gaining some traction now in the Northeast, originated from Seattle, more specifically, the Seattle-based Black Rock Spirits.  According to this online article, Bacon-Flavored Vodka: What’s Next? Eggs Bourbon? , BAKON, the vodka with an oink in it, is getting some dedicated followers because people just love bacon. Thanks to the same [...]

If you really want to contextualize the social and cultural circumstances in which this Folgers commercial was made, then we can all go back to school and read upon all the feminist histories and theories. But this commercial simply makes me laugh out loud. It makes us feel better about ourselves, about how far we [...]

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