mark my word: twitter will doom us all

Ah Jimmy Kimmel. My favorite Late Night Show host. (Sorry darling Wicked Shawn. I know you have the super hots for the other Jimmy. Although it pangs me to disagree with you, I believe that THIS Jimmy is so much funnier as a talk show host... Well, now we won't fight and each have our own [...]

10:05:09 AM: Now @marymac session. Was able to get ready in 20 minutes because I never blowdry my hair & I don't need to shave my legs. #YouHateM eNow?!10:11:07 AM: sayz: Making new friends is mentally exhausting even if you love them at first sight… AM: Love this! "We may just need to own [...]

1:51:24 AM: Seeing how it is almost 3 am and my flight is at 7. How I haven't even started packing. Methinks I should just stay up & go straight to ORD 1:54:29 AM: Do you think it's excessive to pack 5 pairs of shoes & my whole closet for 1.5 days? So I don't [...]

. I have been chosen to be one of the employees featured on the recruiting page for my company's website. Not to be cynical, but I do believe that they intend to show the diversity within the company and that's the main reason why I have been chosen: Asian, female, liberal arts. So I had [...]

2:19:39 PM: We didn't get on the road till 2 pm. Just lk "Stuff White People Like" says about camping: we stopped by friggin REI! I'm driving now. 2:23:16 PM: sayz: Camping is for Bears: Live Blogging My Misery 3:46:31 PM: Tis a good thing I drove. Parking lot half of the way. Husband [...]

2:59:29 PM: sayz: Crazy week ahead… How to keep my Tamagotchi alive? 3:00:14 PM: Let the live blogging begin! 3:02:08 PM: Here's my schedule starting this Saturday: Camping till Mon. Tue 6 am flight out on biz trip. Back Thur evening. Friday 7 am flt 2 NYC. Nuts 3:12:16 PM: Thought I'd try out [...]

The Fail Whale is Back! . . So how are we expected to start our Monday morning when we come back to our dreary cubicles, we start reading our emails, we find so many things to share with the anonymous Interweb, and we are "all dressed up with nowhere to go"? (Well, some smartie pants [...]

Social Networking

A dear friend of mine passed this comment on Social Networking along to me from none other than the always brilliant Non Sequitur cartoon. She received it from her doting partner whose eyes could not have rolled any further when my friend and I were comparing our notes on using Twitter... I found myself more [...]

Unknown Mami over at well, Unknown Mami, struck gold with this great idea of creating yet another Internet Meme: I comment therefore I am. The idea is: we express ourselves, in addition to through our own blogs, also by leaving traces of ourselves with our comments all over the interweb.  Unknown Mami decided that all [...]

POTUS has not been really tweeting ever since he became, well, POTUS.  I can understand how he is super busy what with running the country and dealing with the crazies.  On October 9, soon after the world learned about the surprising news that he has won the Nobel Peace Prize, he sent out a tweet, [...]

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