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We are all in this

**The following is a repost from Martin Luther King Day, 2010** Mr. Monk, my 7-year-going-on-50-old child, asked me last Friday at dinner, "Mom, is it true that you would not be here if Martin Luther King did not give THAT speech?" I was caught by surprise, I'll be completely honest. Although I understand the impact [...]

$5000 a Bullet

Many of us have seen Chris Rock's standup routine on gun control, or as he called it "Bullet Control", either on YouTube or in the movie Bowling for Columbine. In the wake of the shooting in Arizona, there is a heated discussion surrounding the fact that 1) the gunman fired off a large capacity magazine [...]

35 seconds

. . On January 12, 2010, at 4:53 pm, in Haiti, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 on the Richter scale has plunged Haiti into hell... 35 seconds later... the capital of Port-au-Prince was destroyed over 75%. Today it is estimated that the number of dead could rise 300.0000 dead "as many" injuries and [...]

WARNING: Wagon jumping here! . . I learned of Beads of Courage from BugginWord, a charity that I have never heard of until today. The main program is based on a concept so "simple" yet so brilliant ('cause many probably thought to themselves: "Why didn't anybody think of this sooner?!") that is making a huge [...]

Let’s paint the town red

Let's paint the town red because there is much to be celebrated today. Elly kicked cancer's butt! She has been declared cancer-FREE by her doctor. It is likely though that she is still radioactive from, you know, activating the Wonder Twin power in her epic battle against that super villain. But like Harry Potter, LOVE [...]

This is what hope looks like

As a researcher, you hate it when you come across a piece of evidence that proves against the theory/conclusion you are hoping to make. How I wish I could sweep it under the rug. Pretend I've never seen it. Plead ignorance. I hate being able to see both sides: Why can't I just believe in [...]

. . In 2005, as he watched the news of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Matthew Mitchell, a painter in Amherst, MA, felt disconnected and feared that the memories of the soldiers, like the news, would soon fade. "The big danger that we have is that we can forget about war." He decided to do [...]


. . . I know many will disagree: but for me, this election is all about a (not so covert any more) culture war. "Cutting taxes & Smaller Government" to me is another code for "Compassionate Conservatism", i.e. "I feel sorry for you man but I am not gonna share with you. Sorry. It sucks [...]

. This is today. I wish I were there. But I am here at home, trying to restore my own sanity, in a very personal, trivial way. Some dear friends that I have the honor of getting to know were there on the Mall in D.C. witnessing history: Nancy at Mature Landscaping. Renee at Life [...]

There is no other way around it: I am a hypocrite. Isn't it an ironic coincidence that after my holier-than-thou tirade against bullying and my immagonnakickyourpunkass battle cry, my 12-year-old son told me tonight that he has been called all sorts of names at school? Names such as gay, nerd, retard. Hurled at him, in [...]