aging (not)gracefully

One of my most popular posts was dated from 2012, "With all due respect, I am fucking scared of getting old". It has struck a nerve and attracted comments from folks who feel helpless against the relentless forward march of time and, I suspect, the world's time-honored obsession with and worship of youth. Almost five years [...]

Et tu, Brute?

I am in mourning. Yes, once again I am taking things that have absolutely nothing to do with me personally. Very personally. I was being naive. I just thought that geeks would be different. Brains over beauty, right? It is not even beauty per se. It's youth that we are competing against. In the end, [...]

I have been wanting to write about this fear of mine, irrational or not, for a long time but refrained because I did not want to offend anybody. But I can't ignore it any longer. It depresses the shit out of me on bad days. I am just going to come right out and say [...]