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ban assault weapons

The fifty people that were murdered in Orlando were our people. They’re not just “those people”. They’re you and me. I can see many thinking, “Why should I care? I am not gay. My children are not gay. I don’t know any gay people.”

Gay rights are human rights.

When you implicitly condone violence perpetrated against one group, you’re aiding violence that WILL affect you one day in the future in some shape or form.

Add your name. Sign the petition.

ban assault weapons


Thoughts and prayers haven’t worked. We need to protect the most beautiful thing about this country – diversity and tolerance (relative to many places around the world, for example, where I came from. I understand it’s not perfect here in the US). I’d love to believe that love wins but this tragedy did not happen in a vacuum. There’s been a disconcerting trend of backlash against LGBT (along with backlashes against POC and women). Just like racism did not die with the election of an African American POTUS, hatred (What’s in the fabric of our collective psyche to cause so many to hate complete strangers so much?) against the LGBT community did not lessen after the passing of marriage equality laws.

Sign the petition. Make a difference.

And one more thing:

Love will only win if we make our voice heard with VOTES. VOTE in the next election to remove all the elected officials supporting (i.e. not banning) easy access to assault weapons. That’s one message that will get their attention.