I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. Maybe for once it’s really not me that’s at fault. Maybe it’s The 2012 Best American Short Stories collection that I have been reading. I have cried suddenly and uncontrollably over several passages. None of them were overtly sentimental. Certainly for a collection of this caliber you [...]

Books. I am talking about books here. Books made with paper (or if you are so inclined, dead trees). Although I do also love the feel and smell of new, crisp, uncirculated bills. I have been very happy with my Kindle (which I named Marvin) esp. when I was trudging through 1Q84 in all its 944-page [...]

Apparently many of my friends from my "real life" LOVE The Help. Love it. They are telling people on Facebook to "GO SEE THE HELP. RUN. NOT WALK!" including a dear dear friend who studied and wrote about Apartheid in South Africa. As I ponder how much I should share my perspectives with her at the risk of [...]


For this past week I have been thinking of this line by 20 Prospect "There is something unholy about being able to cross the world in a day," which succinctly summed up the experience of traveling to the other side of the world and dealing with the consequences, as he so poetically yet accurately described jet [...]

I went to an actual Brick-and-Mortar bookstore today. This is a rare occasion ever since was founded in 1995. (I still remember when I first heard about it. "What a stupid name?! Who would buy books online?! And why would I want to buy their stocks?!") I do enjoy going to the book stores in real [...]

A Night with David Sedaris

When I learned that David Sedaris is on a tour for his new book Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary, I knew I had to do something. I checked his agent's website and saw that he would be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a book reading, in addition to book signing. Since I did not think [...]

Do you really know? I mean, really really? Do you know what you are reading them and how they are hearing what you are reading them?... I was browsing through the Costco "magazine" (what sadly passes as reading material for me nowadays) in bed when my oldest came to snuggle with sit by me. Not [...]

I probably don't need to publish this post on my blog. It is not appealing. It is not good writing. It will not make you laugh out loud. It is not even a proper rant. Besides, it is friggin' long - I am amazed at how much I tapped out on my iPhod, and tedious. [...]

Once in a while I get all riled up with my mouth foaming like a rabid dog. My irrational anger especially loves a good target of Stereotype Mongers and Exoticism Panderers. This is that kind of moment. PMS. Whatever. The target of my rant today is this book: Lost on Planet China: The Strange and [...]

Chris and Malcolm are both wrong...The title says.Once in a while I come across smart people (online only, since you know, we moms are notoriously boring and mundane in real life, and many may even suspect that we have few braincells left so we don't get engaged in intelligent conversations, in real life - AND [...]

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