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There you go…

Oversharing on the road.

p.s. Will continue until I get home and start the long winding road of unpacking and adjusting to time zone and crying myself to sleep because I don’t want to go back to work…


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Pictures taken at Houhai Lake, Beijing.

You can see the pictures I’ve been taking while in Beijing here on Instagram.


I feel so naked without a working cellphone with me when I am out and about. Vulnerable. I did not know how dependent I have become, at least psychologically, on having instant access to the world.

They changed the configuration of the plane: I was able to get a window seat in the Economy Plus section. After I settled into my seat, I started Instagramming. I stopped when I saw a long string of rosaries dangling near my face. No way.


It was a real Sister. I don’t know why I was so surprised. Sisters fly. My Sister immediately took out her well-worn Bible, with margins filled with notes in neat handwritings, and started reading silently to herself. When she put the Book away, I thought, what’s she gonna do now? She took out her rosaries and a tiny book filled with pictures of saints (I assumed) and continued to pray.

I felt so safe on this flight. And so content.

Sister is not going to steal from my bag when I go use the bathroom. Sister is not going to judge that I have not one ounce of makeup on. Sister won’t care that I have an erupting pimple at the base of my nose. Sister probably won’t judge me. Period. Besides Sister is all skin and bones and she keeps to herself physically so I have both armrests! Sign me up from now on!

Maybe it was as a test for me that soon I found out that my seat did not recline at all. And the new personal screen I was so psyched about was broken. Somehow I was not agitated. I probably would have felt really embarrassed if I threw a tantrum over something trivial like this after overhearing that Sister was flying to China to work in an orphanage. #TrueStory


Luckily I’d packed every single electronic gadget I have: Android phone, Kindle, iPhone, iPad, and a Mac, even though what I really wanted to do on the flight was to sleep.

So far I have seen the airport and the hotel.

I broke my glasses so I am in trouble at night after I take out my contact lenses. I have no idea what I am going to do for my return flight as I cannot wear those dastardly things in my eyes for 13+ hours. My eyes will be like dried plums.

Anyway, it is almost 2 am, and I am supposed to be up 4 hours from now.


But before I jump into this,


I need to take advantage of this:




Oh lord.

April 8, 2012 random

  Really, I should not be complaining. My original flight(s) to Beijing tomorrow had me leave the house at 4 am so I could catch the 6 am flight to SFO, with an almost 5-hour layover, and then on to my next flight to Beijing. I would have been in the back of the plane, […]


Bring It On: The Can of Worms has been opened!

January 18, 2011 imho is just a polite way to say I know you don't give a hoot what I think but I'm going to say it anyway

Tiger Moms. That’s all I hear/read about these past few days. Ugh. Yeah I hear you. But are you surprised that I need to talk about it? In case you have not heard, the “Tiger Mom Controversy” refers to a WSJ article written by a Yale Law School professor, Amy Chua, “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior?” […]


Starbucks in Beijing in the “Bar Street” @ Bei Hai (North Sea)

April 2, 2009 through the looking glass

I have not travelled around the world enough to be a credible source, but from what I have seen, this is probably the best looking Starbucks…    


The Legend of Kung Fu again: video of the curtain call performance… the actual show is 100 times better

March 30, 2009 through the looking glass

From the curtain calls it is easy to see that why Chinese consider this show to be strictly for tourists: cheesy, gaudy, and full of Kung Fu cliches. But it is the same with all the Kung Fu (and Wuxia) movies that we love. So why not just admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this show? […]


The Great Wall of China was my great slide. WEAR GOOD SHOES! How come nobody tells you that?

March 30, 2009 through the looking glass

These picture shows the slippery slope up the Great Wall. It was snowing and bitterly cold when we were up there. We couldn’t even walk up to the very top of this section of the Great Wall. My 6 yo ran up and couldn’t get down on his own. So I had to pull myself […]