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The said Concubine Zhen entered the palace when she was thirteen and soon became the Emperor’s favorite. I guess the Emperor’s still-young (according to the modern standard) windowed mother, the Empress Dowager Cixi was not too fond of this fact.

There are so many titillating stories about Cixi. I often wonder whether she was born evil or was forced by circumstances to grow into such a ruthless power-hungry figure.

On our outings to admire the various palaces, I could not help but tell my eldest the horror stories behind the grandeur of Chinese dynasties, including what it means to be an eunuch and what it takes to bind a woman’s feet.

I think I have forever scarred him. “All that glitters is not gold.”

Mission accomplished.

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Mind you, the grammar is correct.  But nobody speaks this way.  And this sign is everywhere inside the Forbidden City.
It always amazes me that folks cannot seem to find other folks that can properly translate a language into another language. I believe even if you go on Yahoo! Answers and ask your language translation questions, lots of native speakers (or people who have mastered the said foreign language) will help you out, for free!

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Speaking of tourist trap, how about let’s just forgo all pretenses, and admit that this is all for commercialism

March 30, 2009 marketing at work

and souvenir shopping is the main reason why you are all here? The exhibit of the Emperor Sedan is now directly inside this souvenir shop. Pay and you get to have a picture taken with it, up close and personal. Pay more you get to move to the left side, where you can dress up […]

We got a picture of Chairman Mao @ Tian An Men

March 30, 2009 through the looking glass

Because my kid said, “I know him, he is famous! Andy Warhol painted that picture!” Looking at Tian An Men square (across the busy street opposite the Chairman Mao picture). Because it is on a Saturday morning, the crowd is larger than usual. The entire square is covered with people. Being there with two kids […]