happy birthday

It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to. A is for Advil I have been taking for my pounding headaches and sore throat. B is for Benadryl for watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose. C is for COLD as in WHY DO I HAVE TO COME DOWN WITH A BAD COLD ON MY [...]

There are 6 teenage boys now in my house and they are staying overnight until tomorrow noon. Sleepover is a misnomer: there will be NO sleep involved. They will be up all night, taking over the house while I hide in my locked bedroom. Fortunately my boy runs with the nerd crowd so give them [...]


My firstborn is thirteen today. It's official: I now have a bona fide teenager on my hand. I am still wavering about whether I should have made this birthday into a big deal or not. I hope he was not expecting a big to-do. I hope he was not expecting a PlayStation 3 this morning as he [...]

Let Them Eat Cake

The night before Thanksgiving my then 7-year-old boy, Mr. Monk, found it difficult to fall asleep because he was giddy with excitement: grandparents and uncle were flying to celebrate the holiday with us, and his birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year. "Mom, you know why I love Thanksgiving?" "Why?" I asked, knowing he was excited [...]

The Girl in Her

She did not want to come back the last time she was there. She wanted to stay home. Home. When she was there by herself, she was not a mother. She was not a wife. She was herself. More enticingly, she was her younger self. She was a daughter. She was the much adored and lauded [...]

That's right, peeps. I've got you all FREE Slurpees AND a Solar Eclipse on my birthday because that's how I roll... You do need to get to the Southern Pacific Ocean in order to view the Solar Eclipse though you will thank me when you are staring at your own feet taking a sip from a [...]

How do you know you have arrived? How about if google celebrates your birthday with a special google logo in honor of your birthday? . If you can look past the unibrow and the mustache, Frida Kahlo was one heck of an attractive woman exactly because she exudes confidence and willful neglect for rules of [...]

My Love Affair

On July 4th, at around 5 pm, I loaded the boys into the car, against all best judgement, headed towards the community park where half the town had been and the rest of the town was heading towards.  We were determined to be there for the long haul. The final prize? The July 4th fireworks. [...]

What better way to celebrate Independence Day by watching this clip from Independence Day again? WE WILL NOT GO QUITELY INTO THE NIGHT! WE WILL NOT VANISH WITHOUT A FIGHT! We are going to live on. We are going to survive. Today, we celebrate our Independence Day! . . . What better way than to [...]

July 2nd. The party goes on... Happy Birthday to Lindsay Lohan and Larry David. They should hang out together more. Happy birthday to Hermann Hesse. To this day I am sometimes still Emil Sinclair looking/waiting for my (inner) Max Demian. Thanks a lot, man. . . The following is my entry for this year's Pulitzer [...]

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