i forgot where i was going with this rambling or whether there was a point to begin with

Wonder Woman

Warning: this post is probably just going to be me rambling on due to severe lack of sleep, even according to my standard...  These past two weeks have been the annual performance period at my company, the time when we have to write our own self ASSessments and to provide peer feedbacks for colleagues who [...]


Google announced Google Music (its answer to Apple iTune + Amazon Cloud) last week. I immediately started uploading all our music files to the massive google cloud. (It by the way took almost six days to finish). This plus my existing music drive in the Amazon cloud means that when the Apocalypse comes? I am all [...]


Pumpkin spice latte is back! I am not ashamed to admit that every year I look forward to the arrival of fall because of this. You have heard this a million and one times, I am sure. But fall really is my favorite season. Despite the annoying process of reorganizing my clothes and shoes according [...]

My favorite album of all time is A Night at the Opera by Queen. On some days I would simply listen to the whole album over and over again when I am driving. Volume turned way high. Windows down. (And yes, it helps me imagine myself as a badass. Why?) On some nights, I prowl through [...]

  Sometimes, for no reason at all, I would get a severe attack of homesickness. Without any provocation, my heart would ache and I would get a sensation of emptiness and at the same time heaviness inside my stomach. I recognize that feeling well. It is an intense loneliness that comes from a herd animal [...]

I failed to call my parents on Chinese New Year's Eve again. I used to blame it on miscalculation of time zone differences between Chicago and Taipei. This year I am gonna blame it on the 3rd largest snowfall (20+ inches) Chicago has ever seen. We had to shovel in the blizzard almost every hour [...]

Cold Turkey (A Pictorial)

I have not been motivated to write real posts for a while now because I find lately my stats dispiriting, to say the least... . . . . . Oh well. This kind of provides me with a great excuse to show you this picture I took when I all of a sudden saw something [...]


Of all the Seven Deadly sins, ENVY arguably is the root of all evil, imo. Of the seven deadly sins, only envy is no fun at all.       --- Joseph Epstein Kevin Spacey obviously agrees and that's why his character in Seven saved Envy the Sin for himself... It is also in the Ten [...]