If you say you don’t care about politics you are either so disfranchised that you can’t afford to care or you are privileged to not have to care

Winner: Fact checkers. They've been in high demand and kept busy. I hope they're being paid per fact checked. Winner: Twitter. Once again, Twitter proved its relevance. Without Twitter, I would have thrown something at the TV or died from implosion, you know, all that screaming inside my head and my chest. Loser: All of [...]

“Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” -- Margaret Atwood I came across a helpful, objective, step by step analysis of "Reverse [Fill in the blank]ism" complaints and the fallacy in those complaints. Often in the call for "compassion", for understanding, for listening to the [...]

Can’t keep my mouth shut

Romney was asked to defend his position on gender equality at work place at the town hall "debate" tonight. Even though I enjoy the snarky tweets, in all fairness, here is what Romney said (excerpt from L.A. Times) Romney countered that, as governor of Massachusetts, he had a stellar record when it came to hiring [...]