i’ve never been to me

I’ve never been to me*

This post is inspired by The Bloggess' latest post I have no fucking idea what I am doing which has inspired 500 (and counting) comments so far, including the three comments I've left there... *cough cough* yes, I am a comment hog...  I have been grappling with this question: Who am I? since high school, and [...]

The Girl in Her

She did not want to come back the last time she was there. She wanted to stay home. Home. When she was there by herself, she was not a mother. She was not a wife. She was herself. More enticingly, she was her younger self. She was a daughter. She was the much adored and lauded [...]

So now I am completely obsessed with Anna May Wong. I wanted to find and read everything about her... then I found this: Shanghai Express This is fucking Marlene Dietrich we are talking about here...  Marlene Dietrich looks like this: (Ignore the cigarettes. They didn't know better back then...) Yeah.  I get the irony about [...]

This is yet another picture I took of the art works that resonated with me when we went through the new Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago. "We will not become what we mean to you." I think about that sentence often ever since... I’m interested in how identities are constructed, how stereotypes [...]