my therapy


Scene: The basement of an upscale restaurant in a hip Chicago neighborhood Cast: Her. And a throne of other women. It would be accurate to add "mostly young and attractive (and white except her and one other woman, though this has nothing to do with anything really...)" Being young adds 20% at least to the [...]

I’ve never been to me*

This post is inspired by The Bloggess' latest post I have no fucking idea what I am doing which has inspired 500 (and counting) comments so far, including the three comments I've left there... *cough cough* yes, I am a comment hog...  I have been grappling with this question: Who am I? since high school, and [...]


Of all the Seven Deadly sins, ENVY arguably is the root of all evil, imo. Of the seven deadly sins, only envy is no fun at all.       --- Joseph Epstein Kevin Spacey obviously agrees and that's why his character in Seven saved Envy the Sin for himself... It is also in the Ten [...]

Called My Bluff

. The phone rang and I noticed the number was an unfamiliar one. Even the area code was one that I did not recognize. "Hello. Hi. Let me introduce myself. I am So and So calling from blah blah blah..." That's all I heard since I pegged her as one of the telemarketers. I was [...]

The white flag goes up…

Remember the tagline of my blog? These posts are supposed to be my therapy sessions. Ranting about the demise of Thanksgiving and gloating about making shotgun Christmas ornament is not very healing. The following is one of my therapy sessions. I am getting on the coach now. You have been forewarned... I am not quite [...]

I am never one for planning even though part of my job description involves research and I am a very good researcher if I am allowed to toot my own horn, and I guess I am, since Goddammit, this here is my blog! "Serendipity" in my case oftentimes does not come because of good luck, [...]