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OMG! I am so easily amused!

Fab, dahling.

April 6, 2013

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I really should be writing a post about my 8-day, 6-night, 3-country, 2-train-ride, 1000+-photo caper in Europe. For now though, I just want to give a shoutout. You made my day. First with this real product called Ostrichpillow



Then a great reminder for all…

Don't forget to be awesome


Just admit it. You've wanted to say this many many times...


I got something from The Husband last night. Something I believe that will allow him to forget my birthday this year. Honey, you are already forgiven!

THE best baby book ever. Really. If you know someone who just had a baby, or who is going to have a baby, RUN, don’t walk, and order this book for them. They will love you for it.

And it is possible that you may be saving their sanity.

If you have gone through this, the so-called sleep training, you probably have said this, nay, SCREAMED this inside your head, many many time.

WHY won’t you just SHUT THE FUCK UP and GO TO SLEEP?!

Yeah. That.

Then you probably felt guilty for screaming inside your head at your kid.

Yeah. That too.

Well, I hope this book will help absolve the sense of guilt you feel from time to time. No. You are not alone in feeling this way.

The Husband and I also really bounded overnight by staging dramatic readings of this book. I have to say, he did an awesome job in expressing the frustration. I did not realize he’s a method actor esp. when he was saying all the F word in his reading. Very convincing. Mine? Not so much.


Just when I thought this could not have been even more awesomer. Guess what? They have an audio version of this. Professionally done of course. Go ahead and guess who is the narrator.


Ok. Fine. I will give you a hint.

Get out of here! Right? For real? For realz.




Dear Internet, I love you. That is all.

Now… for THE. BEST. THING. THAT’S. HAPPENED. ON. THE. INTERNET. Since yesterday when the world was given NPH’s opening number at the Tony Award.

Now, you know what I am going to say right?

Yup. Imma gonna go the fuck to sleep myself.


Have you ever seen mean comments left by irate YouTubers for people who videotapes the television as a show was going on and uploaded the footage of that onto YouTube?

“Hey loser. Why are you taping your own TV and then put that on YouTube?!”


I am a loser so I take pictures of magazines that I read and I post them on the Interweb…


Rarely did I take one look at The Economist and burst out laughing...



The Economist can be raunchy, and it has a sense of humor. Who knew?!


Hey, at least they refrained from using the picture of the now famous "bulge"... The ending of this article titled, The Weiner War, (of course), once again showed The Economist can be raunchy, IF they want to.


"THE earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident that struck Japan three months ago have revealed something important about the country: a seam of strength and composure in the bedrock of society that has surprised even the Japanese themselves."

“THE earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident that struck Japan three months ago have revealed something important about the country: a seam of strength and composure in the bedrock of society that has surprised even the Japanese themselves.”

To me, this picture chosen by The Economist to accompany this article, says so much about what is quintessential and unique about Japan. From the “light-hearted” (as much as one could in this situation) reference to the ubiquitous 7 Eleven, to a quiet, subtle display of the much-vaunted attention to efficiency, adaptability, cleanliness, orderliness, and personal appearances (Notice how the mother looks much more put together than I am on a daily basis, and in such chaos and under such duress…)

And then read these two stories of exemplary spirits:

24-year-old Miki Endo, who used the loudspeaker system in Minamisanriku, a fishing port close to the focus of the 9.0 earthquake, to urge residents to do what they could to escape the incoming tsunami. She drowned at her post. Television footage shows the rising sea approaching, with her haunting voice echoing over the waves…

One fisherman tells of the four days he spent clearing the wreckage of his village, with no knowledge of the whereabouts of his eldest son. When his son eventually appeared, walking down off the mountain after a long cross-country trek to reach his parents, the two wiped tears from their eyes but did not say a word to each other. The son did not wish to disturb his father’s toil.


All the world is watching, holding their breath, especially their neighbors in Asia, because, as some commentators in the news media in China, India and Taiwan have said, If the Japanese people, with all their disciplines, their perseverance, their technological know-hows, their attention to details and rules, cannot pull through, we are all doomed when the same thing happens on our soil.


For the Bard

April 27, 2011 random

Yesterday April 26 was Shakespeare’s birthday, well, it was the day he was baptized. Nobody knows the exact date when he was born but traditionally it was celebrated on April 23. I can tell you that on either day there was no Google Doodle for him and “Shakespeare” was not on the Twitter trending topic […]


I love spam comments as much as I love Hallmark cards. Until I realize they don’t mean it

April 12, 2011 marketing at work

I know many of you have written about spam comments lately. Like the piracy industry, the spamming industry gets smarter and smarter each time we retch up our defense against it. I have been observing the improvement in quality in the spam comments I have been receiving and been amazed by how much I could […]


This post is GREEN according to my Blog Advisory System

November 20, 2010 random

This is sort of like a repost. I created the Blog Advisory System last December when I realized that my eclectic rambling style may catch people off guard. . . . Today is GREEN. Short and sweet. Welcome to our new edition of HAVE FUN WITH GOOGLE! . . . Or maybe it should be… GOOGLE HAS […]


In which I talk about “National UnFriend Day” aka NUD but ask you not to Unfriend my sorry ass

November 17, 2010 mark my word: twitter will doom us all

Ah Jimmy Kimmel. My favorite Late Night Show host. (Sorry darling Wicked Shawn. I know you have the super hots for the other Jimmy. Although it pangs me to disagree with you, I believe that THIS Jimmy is so much funnier as a talk show host… Well, now we won’t fight and each have our own […]


Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

November 14, 2010 a picture is worth a thousand words

I went to an actual Brick-and-Mortar bookstore today. This is a rare occasion ever since was founded in 1995. (I still remember when I first heard about it. “What a stupid name?! Who would buy books online?! And why would I want to buy their stocks?!”) I do enjoy going to the book stores in real […]


WTF Wednesday: These boots are made for walking

November 10, 2010 a picture is worth a thousand words

A Long Way Home

November 1, 2010 imho is just a polite way to say I know you don't give a hoot what I think but I'm going to say it anyway

Here is something that amused me for an entire hour the other day: Go to google map, search for Directions from China to Taiwan. Take a look at Direction Number 55. Here, I have taken the liberty to show you a composite screenshot. I am awesome like this. . . Before you sneer at how easily […]