raindrops on roses

Rain Drops on Roses

One of my favorite movies, as cliche as a cliche can be, is indeed The Sound of Music. I often thought to myself, "I should start a list of 'My Favorite Things' just so I could remember the little things in life, the fleeting moments, the silly indulgences, that make the sun shine, that remind [...]

Thanks for the Memories

I saw Duran Duran's live concert on Friday. I have been excited and nervous about this for several months now. When I announced to my boss and my coworker that I was one of the lucky people with tickets to the sold out show, they said, "That's embarrassing." I LOL'ed. "No. We mean it. Don't [...]


Pumpkin spice latte is back! I am not ashamed to admit that every year I look forward to the arrival of fall because of this. You have heard this a million and one times, I am sure. But fall really is my favorite season. Despite the annoying process of reorganizing my clothes and shoes according [...]

Happy Monday. Or not.

In case you are wondering what the hack is happening to this blog. "I did not sign up for a PHOTOBLOG! (not that anything is wrong with it...)" My dear readers, my most sincere apologies. (And if you are actually happy about not having to read my ramblings, you are absolutely welcome!) Just got back [...]

The Perfect Meeting



As I was sitting in the cafeteria during lunch hour today, I noticed that the music selection has been veering towards the 80s this week. "Did you notice the music?" I asked my one co-worker who has transferred to the new office with me. (So yes I am now surrounded by actual people every day [...]

Money Money Money

I LOVE the smell of money. I am being 100% serious here. Have you ever held a brand new bill in your hand? Rubbing it between your thumb and forefinger and feeling the intricate texture on it? Taking in a deep breath of the intoxicating smell that is so much better than the new car smell? My [...]


I have been thinking about ants a lot lately. Or rather, the absence of ants. It probably has a lot to do with all the holiday-related activities happening in this house: cookie baking, frosting, sprinkling, gingerbread house decorating. Every time when I see Mr. Monk walking around with a sugar cookie that he has added [...]

I love New York City. I truly do. I wish it were really my city. . . . . I took these pictures in August when I was there for BlogHer 2010. I was thinking of New York City more than usual because of the anniversary of September 11 which was the day before this post [...]

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