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Wordless Wednesday

Pictures taken at Houhai Lake, Beijing.

You can see the pictures I’ve been taking while in Beijing here on Instagram.


A couple of guys were giving out rims of paper at a street corner this morning when I was inching my way to the office. I was mildly puzzled: Really? What made some paper company think it’s a good promotional ploy to give away a whole pack of printing paper? And why would I want to be carrying around something this heavy?

Well… I am very happy to stand corrected.





July 7. Day 78. Remember the Gulf.

July 7, 2010 this i believe

You are probably screaming at the monitor right now: We have the largest environmental disaster on our hand which has had and will continue to have significant impact on people’s lives and livelihood for generations to come. And what did you do? You bought t-shirts from Threadless?! Yes ma’am and sir, yes we did. . . . On […]