Kinder Surprises are the surprise I learned about the U.S.


Best find in Germany: Kinder Eggs (Kinder Surprises). I was indeed pleasantly surprised that the toy is a Lufthansa plane. And the pieces all fit together nicely. (Remember those horrible experiences with your sobbing, disappointed kid because the cheap toys broke or could not be put together even with Super Glue?) My son said, “Duh. That’s called German engineering!”

You can’t find these in the U.S. because the toys inside pose choking hazards. I just learned of the brouhaha of Kinder Eggs in the U.S. – Not only can you not find them in the stores, the U.S. Customs will confiscate them if they search your luggage and see them. Sometimes even a fine is imposed: My Google search turned up a 2012 story of $2500 fine per egg.

It’s overblown and ridiculous esp. considering how we refuse to even talk about stricter gun laws here in the U.S. The irony is killing me right now.

They say when you are from outside looking in, you learn new insights about yourself. Kinder Surprises. Yup.


nina March 19, 2014 at 6:14 am

We have those eggs here in Indonesia too. But the name’s Kinder Joy. Are they the same product? I dont know. The price’s about 1 dollar, or 9 yo’s 2 days pocket money. So far there’s no plane in any if them. 🙂

Absence Alternatives March 22, 2014 at 9:39 am

Hi! I am guessing they’re the same. I may have paid 1 Euro for it. The other one we got was an alligator, also of good quality. German engineering, can’t beat that. 😉

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