June 2010

Many of the things that we do or don't do can be legitimized if only we could find a proper name for it, in conjunction with a cool, catchy definition. . . Once you settle on a name, remember to capitalize it to make it into a Thing. Like so. . . To further reinforce [...]

... despite having a girl's name. It's like a boy named Sue, isn't it? You have been taunted and toughened and become the manliest of them all now that you are all grown up. Mars Chocolate North America announced today the release of the second annual COMBOS 'America’s Manliest Cities' study – crowning Charlotte with [...]

. This picture of wishful thinking is at the beginning of this post to make it known with no uncertainty how much I love and respect Rachel Maddow. I also would like it to be known that my adoration for her is NOT bandwagon-jumping: I have professed my loyalty to Dr. Maddow as early as December 2008 [...]

. Can you guess what this is? A view of ancient Aztec tombs from the satellite? An aerial view of Scientologist Compounds? Newly discovered evidence of alien civilization in Cambodia? . This is a computer keyboard after I took the caps off. But why? You ask. Can you see a hint of pink in the picture? That's [...]

The Highlight Reel

Who'd have thought that a post titled "Warning: Do Not Read This If You Are My Husband" would pique my husband's interest? The man normally does not read my blog posts. He is content to read the ones I forward to his email inbox. But I forgot that he does read my tweets, esp. when [...]

In addition to Threadless Tees, I also try to seem young and hip and on top of things by subscribing to Wired Magazine. Although I have been caught in this conundrum of inadvertently outing myself as an old fart by actually subscribing to the print edition. Seriously, who subscribes to print editions of magazines any more? And since [...]

Today, I am sharing with you the secret to my coolness. You know those older people who love to wear edgy t-shirts to prove to themselves that they are still hip, young at heart, and they can still get jiggy with it? (Irony intended) Me! Me! Me! . I have amassed a small collection of [...]


. After I dropped off my 7 year-old at his Taekwondo class, I had less than an hour to drive, grocery shop, drive, unload groceries, stuff 99% of the groceries into the freezer portion of our refrigerator, and then drive back to pick him up. As I pulled up to the stop sign inside our [...]

When I was in college, Deconstruction and Postmodernism were in vogue, later when I was in graduate school, Cultural Relativism was all the rage, and I thrived in the academic environment that prized my way of examining and understanding life and people from all perspectives. In real life, this makes me a person with no [...]

Sundays In My City

(Actually these pictures were taken this past Friday...) This post should be titled: I went to the Chicago Hawk's Parade and all I got was this set of lousy pictures showing the bottom of the Stanley Cup! . . . . . . . Whenever I manage to get my acts together or am not [...]

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